Beginning September 11th, the Franklin Street and Allen Street intersection will be closed to vehicular traffic. Franklin Street will be temporarily converted from One-Way northbound to Two-Way vehicular traffic between Virginia Street to North Street due to work at the Franklin Street and Allen Street intersection.  This conversion will remain in place until the work at the intersection is complete, estimated to be at a minimum of one month. During this time, there will be no parking allowed on the west side of Franklin Street to allow for two-way traffic. “DO NOT STAND” signs will be placed and then taken down after work is complete to change back to normal operations. Work that still needs to be done at the intersection includes concrete pavement, water main tie-ins, traffic signal conduit, sidewalks, etc.

Franklin Street to Virginia Place will be closed and all vehicles accessing Virginia Place should come from Delaware Avenue. Schedules are subject to change and will be updated accordingly.